About Us

HongKong HRG Information Technology Co.,

  Founded on 2012, Hong Kong HRG Information Technology Co., Limited is a China-based mobile game developer with over a hundred of employees. Equipped with leading technical innovation ability, HRG embarked on oversea publishing business since 2016 with the help of staff from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea and an experienced research and development team in wireless internet application development.

  啪啪三国, the first product of the company, make a great success in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Korea and Japan (it is named 真三國大戰 in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and 三国魂 in Japan) with a best monthly revenue of 50 million globally. Since its establishment, HRG has published a serie of mobile game, such as 龙门镖局, orginated from a TV series,, and 龙战争, set with western sorcery background. It also acts energetically to explore the oversea markets by acquiring GAE, a renowed Japanese company with over 20 years experience in game field and registering 100 million yen monthly turnover through publishing 戦国修羅SOUL in Japanese market.

  Hong Kong HRG brings togater a group of passionate teenagesrs following their dream. Its products illustrate its committment to the game industry that it will stick to innovation, be adventurous in development and believe in the power of quality. HRG is now growing into an international company which insist on its dream of better games, promise distinguished experience to its players and provide favorable welfare to its employees.

  This is everything HRG are looking for.